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Call of Duty: Classic coming to Xbox Live and PSN 'eventually'


It's common knowledge that those who pick up Modern Warfare 2's Hardened Edition or Prestige Edition will receive Call of Duty: Classic, the game that started it all. Then there's the option of making your own, but what if you're one of the 14 people who just want Call of Duty: Classic? Well, according to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling (via IGN), you may have to wait a while.

"Prestige and Hardened Edition buyers will be getting access to Call of Duty: Classic first. It'll eventually be coming out for both Xbox Live Arcade and PSN as a stand-alone arcade game," he said. Bowling also confirmed that this is the full edition of the original game, including multiplayer. Activision has made no mention of what the classic will be priced at, though considering the $80 price of admission for the Hardened Edition, we're assuming the game will run you around $20. Will it be more as a standalone?

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