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LG BL40 passes FCC again, this time with US 3G very much enabled

Chris Ziegler

LG mentioned to us yesterday that there aren't any US plans in the cards for its lovely BL40 New Chocolate -- at least, none that it wants to talk about, even though we've got to believe Verizon's cooking up some plans -- but meanwhile there's still action on the North American front. A new variant of the BL40 dubbed BL40G ("G" for "gonna be awesome," obviously) has hit the FCC with HSPA enabled on the 850 and 1900MHz bands. You might recall that those bands were disabled on the last version the FCC checked out, so if anything, this might be the version that Canada's Telus is signed up for to help it kick off its upcoming HSPA network launch. Remind us to start researching political asylum claims a little closer to launch.

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