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Loewe Individual Selection TVs -- if you care more about the color "of" than "from" the TV

Steven Kim

For millions of homes, a slight variation on the basic black TV theme fits into the decor just fine. People who suffer an allergic reaction to black gadgets can opt for silver, Samsung's Touch of Color, or stainless steel. If those options don't quiet your fashion faux pas alarms, Loewe has something for you. Rather than innovate on the actual display, the Individual Selection LCD TVs let you mix and match a glossy white or aluminum fascia with swappable inlay side panels in Ruby Red, Apple Green, High Gloss Black, or even console-fabulous Light Oak. We could go into the specs (pretty "meh") or the price (probably "gulp"), but those are beside the point; if you've read this far, you'll want one regardless of specs or price. Might we recommend looking into a truly custom colored set instead?

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