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O2: SMS security flaw on iPhone to be patched Saturday


Yesterday's news from the Black Hat Technical Security Conference in Las Vegas about the SMS security flaw affecting iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones was a bit unnerving. Through skillful manipulation of SMS messages, an attacker could gain control of a smartphone.

BBC News reports that UK mobile provider O2 has received word from Apple about a patch for the security flaw on the iPhone. The patch, in the form of a software update, will be available Saturday, August 1, 2009. As with all updates to the iPhone, the security patch will appear in iTunes.

Considering the potential for mischief on the part of hackers, it is entirely possible that AT&T, O2, and other carriers will notify their customers of the availability of the update. Whether or not that message will come through SMS remains to be seen.

Be sure to keep an eye on TUAW or our Twitter feed ( tomorrow and we'll notify you as soon as the patch makes an appearance.

UPDATE: iPhone OS 3.0.1 is now available for download from iTunes. 297.9MB in size.

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