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Yakuza 3 localization looking unlikely


Try not to think too much about the Yakuza 4 that was just announced to an eager Japanese audience. It doesn't look like Yakuza 3 is going to make it outside of Japan, and that doesn't bode well for its sequel, either.

Sega Europe told VG247 that it has "no current plans" to localize Toshihiro Nagoshi's open-world brawler/RPG. A Sega of America employee offered his opinion to The Examiner, saying that the sales of Yakuza 2 were insufficient to justify localization of the PS3 title. Officially, according to statements given to Siliconera by a Sega rep, there is "no confirmation" of any decision regarding Yakuza 3.

Maybe we should all go clear our local GameStop's shelves of Yakuza 2.

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