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Impact International to put Sackboy on everything


Well, that took long enough! Toy News Online is reporting that Impact International has secured the rights to produce plush Sackboy figures -- and a whole mess of other goodies -- for Sony. The UK, Ireland and the Middle East will be getting "plush items, bean toys, mugs, bobbleheads and bags" based on the iconic figure from LittleBigPlanet.

Additionally, Brazier and Co. are on board to make "PVC figurines," and even a "limited edition-themed version of Sackboy" -- whatever that could mean (other than a higher price tag). The various Sackboy-themed items will be hitting stores this October. Various other Sony IP (God of War, InFamous, MotorStorm, WipeOut, Killzone and Resistance) will be getting the poster treatment by way of GB Eye Limited, though no date has been set for the release of those. We'd get upset that this stuff wasn't announced for the US but, ya know, we work on the Internet. It's a global community, folks!

[Thanks, Trix_Bol!)

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