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NCsoft release Korean trailer for Aion patch 1.5

Lesley Smith

For us here in the west, the launch of Aion might still be on the horizon. However, having had the game for the better part of a year, gamers in Korea have already turned their attention to patch 1.5. Indeed this is something we should also be excited about as the localized version of Aion aimed at Europe and the US will include this newest content patch.

With this in mind, NCsoft over in Korea has revealed a trailer touting the new patch, catchily nicknamed The Shadow of the Balaur. According to translated patch notes from the official Korean site, 1.5 will include new instances that will see players visiting a twisted Balaur-infested version of the Elyos starter zone known as Dark Poeta. There's also a flying ship crewed by the adorable ferret-like Shugo and a new battleground. On top of that are plenty of minor changes including the ability to zoom in on the minimap, four new face presets, new armour sets and, my personal favourite, in-game clothing in the form of kimono and the imperial uniforms of China and Taiwan.

Check out the video after the jump for a taste of what's to come.

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