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ATX In-Vehicle Text-by-Voice reduces the subtleties of your chatter to cold, hard SMS

Vlad Savov

ATX, a major but rarely heard-of telematics supplier, has become the first to offer full handsfree text messaging. While the Ford Sync already allows the sending of pre-canned missives by voice command, this new system transcribes your messages and is fully voice-operated, freeing both hands for driving. Given the forthcoming ban on regular old button mashing, you could probably do worse than grabbing one of these and continuing your bad habits. It won't be easy though, as ATX doesn't offer retrofits and market leader OnStar has said it won't be offering a competing product, leaving you to choose from among the upcoming models by Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Peugeot, Mercedes, Maybach and Rolls-Royce. Maybe we're just jaded, but we'd rather engage in the lost art of talking to people on our good old Gordon Gekko-styled carphone.

[Via Dallas Observer]

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