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Call of Duty: World at War 'Map Pack 3' hits Aug. 6, iPhone app out now


The third downloadable map pack for Call of Duty: World at War -- titled, oddly enough, "Map Pack 3" -- will deploy on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network this Thursday, August 6. It'll run 800 ($10) and $9.99, respectively. It's bringing three new maps on which to make your friends (virtually) dead, along with more undead.

In other CoD news, Activision has launched the free Call of Duty: World at War Companion app for iPhone [App Store link]. With it, players who've linked their gamertags / PSN IDs to the CoD: WaW site can browse detailed stats, realtime leaderboards and compare their performance against friends. We also imagine it'd make a great first date icebreaker.

[Thanks, eXHausT II!]

Source -- Map Pack, August 6th!
Source -- CoD:WaW Companion iPhone Application

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