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Fallen Earth's "Three Bs of the Apocalpyse" trailer now showing


B is one of those letters that you never think of when you're doing lists. Yet the team over at Fallen Earth has put together a few reasons why B is a great letter, especially for the apocalypse. Their newest trailer for their upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO focuses in on all of the blood, beasts and... er... babes?

While we're pretty sure that the game has enough blood and beasts to keep the average rabid gamer hungry, babes might be a little harder to come by. But it is the apocalypse and we guess that the human race does need babes to survive. Very important for the race to continue onwards and what not.

The video is being shown over at IGN's video site if you want to take a look at it, but you do need to input your birthday to see it. Lastly, if you ask us, the last babe that they show off at around 0:20 is truly the hottest of them all. She's a bit heavy set, and her skin is a little on the grey side, but we see a heart of gold in there.

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