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Free the Bounty Hunter in Threat of Peace issue 12

Kyle Horner

It's not always the best idea to bet on a Bounty Hunter when no money is involved, but such is the case in the newest issue of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Threat of Peace. We suppose freedom is payment enough for this particular Bounty Hunter, assuming he doesn't get caught up in something else.

Besides, by freeing the Bounty Hunter we get to see his awesome Tie Fighter-like ride, as seen above. Meanwhile, our Empire droid and Jedi seem to have fumbled their way into being saved from their tight spot adrift in the depth of space. Although, not everything is as it seems.

Unfortunately, there aren't any signs or hints at a new class this week, as has been the case in previous installments. No, this week just moves the story along. We could experience a dry spell of really exciting information up until PAX, but our hope is that won't be the case.

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