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Guitar Hero 5 also supports Miis


Wii owners: don't feel left out by the Xbox Guitar Hero 5's support of Avatars! You'll also be able to make your big-eyed simulacra windmill their (nonexistent) arms like lil' Pete Townshends (even as lil' Pete Townshends, now that we think about it). An Activision rep confirmed to Eurogamer that Mii support would be present in GH5.

Of course, the exact same "Mii Freestyle" mode was already present in the Wii version of Guitar Hero World Tour, so its inclusion in Guitar Hero 5 is less groundbreaking than the Avatar support -- if only because that particular ground has already been broken in the Wii games. Unfortunately for Quincys about to rock, there are "no plans to have Home Avatars for the PS3 version."

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