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Interview focuses on creating the ships of Black Prophecy

James Egan

In a massively multiplayer online game where a player's avatar is essentially a spaceship, the designs of those spacecraft have to be appealing. After all, the look of a ship is generally not as customizable at the appearance of an avatar in most other MMOs. In fact, the ship avatar may not be customizable at all, so ship aesthetics are important to some players. This is the focus of an interview with Rocketbox Studios, the people who created the 3-D models for ships and space stations in the sci-fi MMO Black Prophecy.

Rocketbox Studios worked from the concept art provided by Black Prophecy developer Reakktor Media and (according to their portfolio) created 165 spaceship modules, 70 weapons, 5 space station module systems, and 5 level locations. The main requirement Reakktor had was that, given that Black Prophecy is a space-based MMO, these assets would look good even from great distances while holding a significant amount of details and textures up close. And although Black Prophecy is clearly focused on the ships, it's been mentioned that there will be 3-D mini avatars seen in player-to-player communication. This is evidenced by the fact that Rocketbox Studios built 27 character models for the sci-fi title, albeit without heads.

The interview at The Prophecy Network with RocketBox Studios explains what was involved with fleshing out the look of Black Prophecy from concept art to 3-D, and is worth a read for fans of this particular game, or those who like to know about some of the nuts and bolts involved with creating a sci-fi MMO.

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