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One Shots: And you thought gatecamps were bad

If you're crazy enough to fly through 0.0 space in EVE Online, you'd better be prepared for the trouble that awaits you. Landing in a bubble, getting jammed, blown to heck, with only your frozen corpse floating in space... well, that's just how the game is. With that said, there are those other, unheralded dangers that so many who haven't spent time in EVE Online don't know about. Take, for example, today's One Shots sent in to us by Piero D. He writes in to explain: Deep in the depths of 0.0 Deadspace there is a warning sign that reads: "This is a sign, it has very sharp edges"! I knew deadspace is dangerous, but hey! Kids may get hurt while they drift along the vacuum.

If you've found a silly easter egg in your favorite MMO, we want to see a screenshot of it! Just email those to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a brief description. We'll post them the image and give you credit for sending it in.

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