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CCP Games trademark filing hints at new game: DUST 514

James Egan

What does "DUST 514" have to do with EVE Online? That's something we're very curious to know at Massively. A recent trademark filing from CCP Games for DUST 514, submitted by Atlanta-based attorney Steven M. Kushner, is described as providing 'entertainment services' and an 'on-line computer game'.

If you look at the logo of a gas mask above a striped pattern, it bears more than a passing resemblance to the EVE Online logo. The trademark filing description reads: "The mark consists of a masked face with white sunken eyes and a round opening at the mouth. There are two parallel thick lines on either side of the jaw of the face which are a parallel to a third line which runs across the bottom of the face and dips into a V at the center." Definitely not a coincidence.

Then again... "DUST" is like ashes, right? And the "V"... we do know there's a World of Darkness MMO on the way. Could it be?

There's also been mention of an EVE-themed first person shooter in the works and we know they've been hiring developers for a console game. Most likely these questions will all be answered at GDC Europe next month, when CCP Games is expected to reveal their next project.

So what do you think, is DUST 514 connected with EVE Online or are we seeing something connected with World of Darkness?

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