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EndWar creator sounds off on 'brutal' holiday market

In a recent interview with, Ubisoft's Michael de Plater, who served as creative director for EndWar, gave some context for the Q1 2010 release window for the developer's next strategy title, RUSE. It's fairly familiar territory -- de Plater explained, "it's a bit tough to launch a new IP exactly at Christmas when you're head-to-head with blockbuster sequels," and added that the RTS title was following in the footsteps of many other Modern Warfare 2-fearing franchises.

That's just the thing, though -- de Plater mentions that the ol' Q1 shuffle is a popular move as of late. We wonder if he (and Ubisoft as a whole) realize that RUSE might have jumped out of the frying pan, and into ... an adjacent frying pan, filled with even more delicious, sizzling bacon.

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