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Miyamoto: 'Have confidence' in Nintendo's ability to develop for the Vitality Sensor

Since its out-of-nowhere introduction at E3, the biometric-reading Wii Vitality Sensor has inspired some rage, some jokes, and a lot of confusion, but very little genuine interest from gamers online. The Mercury News asked Shigeru Miyamoto to respond to the widespread skepticism about the peripheral.

"Ideally we would have been able to talk about this in terms of the software implementation rather than just the sensor itself," Miyamoto said. "I don't have any indication for you (of what we have in the works) other than to say that we have lots of very creative ideas."

Even though he still has no specific software ideas to discuss, Miyamoto assured readers that Nintendo would do something interesting. "We understand the challenge before us, and we have met these challenges in the past. We just ask that people have confidence in us."

Miyamoto also offered his feelings on digital distribution: "Personally, I'm one of those guys who, even if I have all the songs from iTunes, I want the CD as well. It's something that makes me - I feel more reassured with that physical media." He believes that a combination of digital and physical media will continue into the future.

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