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Namco Bandai posts $30m loss, Afro Samurai tries to help


Namco Bandai posted a ¥2.85 billion ($30 million) loss in its first fiscal quarter this year. That's compared to a ¥1 billion profit during the same quarter last year. Sales dropped to ¥75.73 billion ($799.7 million), down from ¥89.97 billion, a 15.8 percent decrease since last year. Sales in the Games Content division itself fell by ¥20.21 billion ($213 million), leading to a loss of ¥4.14 billion ($43 million).

There were some relative bright spots among the dismal numbers, though. Most notably, Afro Samurai managed to move 412,000 units. Meanwhile, We Ski & Snowboard and Dragonball Z: Attack of the Saiyans sold 270,000 and 190,000 copies, respectively.

As Forrest Gump might say, sometimes, there just aren't enough Soul Caliburs.

[Via Edge Online]

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