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RCN making cobranded TiVo boxes its 'primary DVR platform' in 2010


Remember that "lots of other providers" TiVo could be coming to? Looks like RCN is one of them and best of all, this isn't some stripped down Comcast TiVo overlay, the cabler plans to go all in with support for Amazon VOD, TiVoToGo, DVR Expander hard drives, multiroom and RCN's own VOD programming, and the ability to search across all of them at once. Expect this sometime in early 2010, when the cobranded TiVo DVRs will become RCN's primary DVR platform, the first offering of its kind. Of course we'd prefer a tru2way box we could take to the provider of our choice, but until the Series4 drops, this might be the best option. Maybe now that the DVR company has cracked the cable market they can get to work on that new interface we've been waiting for.

Update: Multichannel News notes these could be available as early as January 1, for a premium of $3 - $5 per month, and new HD DVR subscribers will receive a CableCard-enabled HD TiVo, with "limited migrations" available for existing customers.

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