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Vivitek holds true to its word, delivers sub-$1000 1080p projector

Steven Kim

Those craving a 1080p projector but feeling a little strapped for cash right now (and who isn't) will be glad to hear that Vivitek has come through on both its pricing and timing promises for its H1080FD model. If you're looking for a beamer on the cheap and the 720p LCD Epson PowerLite 700 didn't do it for you, the quick rundown on Vivitek's offering goes like this -- DLP engine, 1080 lines of resolution, 1800 lumens bright, $999, available this month. As always, the 5,000:1 contrast ratio needs some salt, but the 29dB rating and 3,000-hour lamp life aren't too shabby; RS-232 control is just gravy. If the performance comes close to the promise, don't be surprised to see some of these projectors added alongside direct-view sets for dedicated night-time viewing in steady-income homes.

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