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What Sega is making now: lots of swag


Sega of Europe had a bunch of swag made up for its "Summer Sizzle" event and, knowing how much we enjoy looking at things with the Sega logo on them, posted some pictures of the bounty handed out to lucky attendees. We'll highlight each item while also highlighting a video game that Sega passed over in favor of inconsequential swag.
  • Sega t-shirt (produced instead of the Wii Jet Set Radio game)
  • Sega water bottle holder (just cut into the budget that would have gone into a new traditional Phantasy Star RPG)
  • Sega fan (sorry, human Sega fans -- no Yakuza 3 localization!)
  • Sega flash drive (the data for Panzer Dragoon Saga 2 might fit on here, if Sega made it)
  • Sega flip-flops ("We're making Shenmue 3! No, no we're not.")
To everyone who attended the event, and to future winners when the company gives this stuff away on Twitter: enjoy your t-shirt!

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