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ALSOK unveils its giant, ultra-cute and friendly security bot, An9-PR

Laura June

If ALSOK's latest security / guidance robot looks a bit familiar -- well, we've seen his kind before. The company's latest offering - the An9-PR is an update of its previous bot -- the better-named Reborg Q. The An9-PR is a multi-tasker, meant for showroom floors and malls, where it can display advertisements, directions to the restroom, and missing children alerts on any of its three touchscreen LCDS, and it's got WiFi and face recognition capabilities, making him a decent security guard, too! The robot weigh about 440 pounds, and is on four wheels to make it easier to move. The An9-PR will apparently go on sale in Japan starting in March of 2010, for about $150,000. There's another shot of this cutie after the break.

[Via Engadget Chinese]

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