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EVE Online developer trademarks 'DUST 514'

EVE Online developer CCP Games is set to announce its upcoming project at the swiftly approaching GDC Europe in a little under two weeks. The identity of said project has heretofore been unknown, but a recent trademark filing may have parted the veil -- the company just reserved the title DUST 514, as well as the gas mask-equipped logo you see above.

What could be the premise of this new title? Our MMO-lovin' brethren over at Massively have spun a few theories, including the overdue appearance of the oft-rumored World of Darkness MMO, as well as an EVE Online spin-off game (as evidenced by the similar-looking logo, also seen above). Our hypothesis? Given that 514 is the area code for areas in the province of Quebec, we're guessing CCP is working on an MMO about Canadian silt.

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