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NXG Technologies is first with HDMI 1.4 cables for the 3D HDTV you don't own yet


Cancel that next-day air shipment from Panasonic Japan, those in need of cables today that are compatible with the 4K and 3D displays of tomorrow can get NXG Technologies Black Pearl Series HDMI v1.4 cables. Not installing cables inside a wall or under a floor? You can probably wait for more reasonably priced (or not so reasonable, if that's what you prefer) alternatives. At around $44.95 for 1m up to $380 for a 20m cable, these available-to-dealers-only connectors promise (despite lacking certification, promised once testing is completed) to future proof custom home theater installations for beyond-1080p resolution, HDMI Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel and other HDMI 1.4-only features that should start rolling out in HDTVs, receivers and other equipment early next year.

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