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Samsung M560 Reclaim is on a mission to reclaim Sprint, Earth, your heart

Chris Ziegler

If you thought that "Chianti" was an odd name for a Samsung phone on Sprint... well, the new name isn't really any less odd. PhoneArena appears to have obtained shots of the upcoming M560 Reclaim, which seems to be a wide portrait QWERTY slider in the same vein as the Propel (among others). It's got a landscape QVGA display, 2 megapixel cam, and GPS -- but as the name sorta implies, the emphasis here is going to be on environmental friendliness, which could mean that it's using the same corn-based shell as the E200 Eco. Tasty! It's been spotted both in blue and green, though it's unknown if those will be the actual launch colors, how much it'll run, or when we might have the pleasure.

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