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Verizon-branded Touch Pro2 plays 'spot the difference' with previous spy shot

Ross Miller

It's been some time since we last spotted HTC's Touch Pro2 in the wild with a Verizon tattoo, and yet, there's a tinge of unfamiliarity with these new shots. For whatever reason, on this model the HTC logo has been banished to the opposite reaches of the front display, whereas previously it was fit to share space right next to the Verizon logo / check mark. Everything else seems to be identical, however, including any indication of when and for how much we'll be able to pick one up ourselves. Hey VZW, how's that fire sale of the original Touch Pro coming along?

Update: As a good number of readers have pointed out, there's now also video of the phone, with 3.5mm headphone jack to boot. See it after the break.

[Thanks, ckeegan]

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