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Koei reveals first screens of Samurai Warriors 3


Having had our attention turned sharply toward Samurai Warriors 3 by Shigeru Miyamoto, we were eager to learn more about the game itself. And ... well, it looks like any other Warriors/Musou game. But it does look pretty nice!

There are a couple of incremental gameplay changes in this one, including "Shadow Techniques," special combos which expend energy from a blue gauge at the bottom of the screen. Triggering one of these with a full gauge will unleash an even bigger attack -- like, in new character Kuroda Kanbei's case, a giant blue fist from the sky. By the way, this game will have over 35 characters, including characters from previous Samurai Warrior games, as well as new ones like Kuroda.

Check out more screens at GAME Watch.

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