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Konami game revenue dips during fiscal Q1, Snake nowhere to be found


Snake?! Snake?! SNAAAAAAAKE?! news now with Konami's financial results for its first quarter (which ended June 30, 2009) showing a notable decrease in revenue, both company-wide and within the video game sector. Edge reports that overall revenues sank 21 percent to $535 million, while sales accrued from video games dropped 50 percent to $103 million. A 45.1 percent slide in net revenues within the digital sector to $258.6 million was attributed to the gradual sales withdrawal of 2008's lucrative PlayStation 3 exclusive, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, as well as "changes in the economic environment."

Konami reportedly sold 2.96 million video games during the quarter, the majority of which were not Metal Gear Solid 4 and 860,000 of which were soccer games. The publisher plans to have a stronger showing during the second half of 2009, thanks to titles like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the latest iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer and, of course, DDR Ultra Awesome Kick Mix 2010 EX Gyration Splendour Special (not an actual title). The future will arguably prove to be even more fortuitous, what with the bold decision to release a Metal Gear Solid game on more than one platform.
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