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Patch 3.2 In-Game fixes for Wednesday August 5th


Not that anyone should be surprised, but the first round of in-game bug fixes for patch 3.2 are out. These fixes were announced tonight, however they might not be completely active until the servers undergo maintenance tomorrow.

There are many, many bugs this patch. Some are more obvious than others, like XT not being doable for most folks. Others are more subtle, like Wintergrasp Commendations being able to be sent to alts, who then were able to take them into Battlegrounds and level like mad.

The full list of fixes announced today after the break. We'll continue to bring you these in-game fixes as Blizzard announces them over the next week (or longer, if things are really bad).

  • The weapon damage and armor of items dropped in the 5-man Coliseum Heroic version have been updated to match their item level.
  • Using Braxley's Backyard Moonshine will no longer trigger the regurgitation animation.
  • Wintergrasp Commendation and Commendation of Bravery can no longer be used inside any battlegrounds.
  • Kel'Thuzad should no longer cause some players to disconnect during the encounter.
  • Reginald Arcfire will no longer grant Horde players access to the Alliance auction house.
  • Epic gem recipes are now available from the following vendors in Shattrath:
    • Kirembri Silvermane (Scryer)
    • Nemiha (Aldor)
    • Inessera (Aldor)
  • XT-002 Deconstructor will now spawn in fewer adds.
  • The Black Knight will now drop a Frozen Orb in heroic difficulty.
  • Razorgore can once again be controlled multiple times and defeated appropriately.

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