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Sony Ericsson 'Jalou' next in company's Symbian lineup? (Update: maybe, but this isn't it)

Chris Ziegler

We've yet to see a Satio or XPERIA X2 or X3 at retail, but it looks like Sony Ericsson have yet another full touch phone in the works as it tries to revitalize and reinvent itself with a renewed focus on Android, Symbian Foundation, and Windows Mobile for its smartphone lineup. What we're looking at here is claimed to be a spy shot of the Jalou -- that's a retail name, not a codename, by the way -- which is said to run S60 5th Edition (just like the Satio) with WiFi, GPS, and some form of HSDPA on board. The Sony Ericsson fan base is pretty notorious for crafting beautiful, very believable concept devices using nothing more than Illustrator and an overactive imagination, so we'd urge caution here -- but other than a display that seems to have been blacked out, it all seems believable enough. The bigger question might be whether the world's ready for two Symbian-based touchscreen smartphones from Sony Ericsson in the next few months.

Update: Yep, sure enough, that "notorious fan base" we just mentioned came out swinging with this one, a heavily-modified concept based on the W995. In other words, if the Jalou exists, this isn't it. Thanks, synn!

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