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Sprint's developer site reveals Touch Pro2's innermost secrets

Chris Ziegler

We've seen enough dead-to-rights evidence at this point to say that the Touch Pro2 is Sprint-bound, barring some sort of bizarre, unforeseen series of events leading to... oh, say, Sprint's acquisition by Nokia in the next few weeks. That would be odd, wouldn't it? Anyhow, the latest piece of irrefutable proof comes courtesy of Sprint itself, which has now listed the Touch Pro2 -- along with all of its specs -- on the carrier's developer site. There's nothing ground-breaking here -- we've got the usual 3.2 megapixel cam and WVGA display -- though we're saddened to see no mention of the all-important 3.5mm jack. Not every spec is listed here, of course, but we'd be feeling better about the situation if we saw it here.

[Thanks, Shawn]

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