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Valve undecided about Left 4 Dead DLC working in L4D2

Valve raised quite a stink after announcing a new downloadable campaign for the original Left 4 Dead with only a few months remaining until the release of Left 4 Dead 2. What everyone still wants to know is whether this content will be compatible with the sequel -- and we do mean everyone. In an interview with Edge Online, Valve's Chet Faliszek explained that even the game's creators are unsure whether the new campaign will be playable in the second edition of the zombocalypse sim.

Faliszek remarked that Valve is "struggling" with how the campaign's story elements (that is to say, the in-game chatter between the original four survivors) would work when the new cast is introduced. He says it would be jarring to "put new characters in old places," but recognizes that "there's a whole group of the fans who don't care." What say you, readers? What would you find more disruptive -- re-worked character dialogue, or recently purchased, incompatible DLC?

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