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LA Times: Activision likely to receive 'little to no compensation' in Brutal Legend settlement


Here's a little addendum to the Brutal Legend settlement story that, should you be sympathetic to Double Fine in this situation (and, um, how could you not?), should bring a little smile to your face. The LA Times spoke to an unnamed person "familiar with the settlement," who offered some extra information about the deal.

Overall, it looks like Activision was the "loser" in this agreement, though, of course, the whole point of settling was to avoid having a loser. First off, the source claims that the game will be released as planned in October. Second, the LA Times says, "it appears very likely that Activision received little to no compensation from Double Fine and agreed to a settlement to avoid losing its case in open court."

Now that all that's dealt with, hopefully we can get back to talking about important things, like GWAR.

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