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Best Buy testing price matching of used games


"Why buy used when you can buy new?" asks a new Best Buy retail display discovered in West Jordan, Utah [via CAG]. According to the poster, Best Buy will offer new video games for the same price as used equivalents from GameStop and GameCrazy. With GameStop's used prices at least $5 cheaper than retail price, shoppers are guaranteed to get a small discount on every new game at this Best Buy location.

It's currently unclear if this is a nationwide Best Buy policy, or if it's simply a localized test. We've contacted Best Buy for more information, and will update the story with an official statement. Until then, let us know if your local Best Buy is also participating in this program. Update: A Best Buy representative informed us that this is, indeed, a local test and not a nationwide program. Hopefully, the "test" proves positive, as we'd love to see this program expand.

[Thanks, tmacairjordan87!]

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