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Japan's SaGa 2 Collector's Edition box art brings us back to our youth

Square Enix's upcoming Nintendo DS-exclusive SaGa 2 Hihou Densetsu: Goddess of Destiny (Final Fantasy Legend 2) is getting the collector's edition treatment, with box art that brings us back to our childhood days. While the classic Master System-style packaging may seem an odd choice for a DS release, it's exactly the kind of old school flair needed for a remake.

The 'Square Enix e-Store only' collector's pack -- priced at ¥12,076 ($126 US) -- also includes the game's original soundtrack, a 20th Anniversary SaGa Chronicle book, a mascot tchotchke and two postcards. Avid collectors can import the game, enjoy the soundtrack and let their friends know what they are missing via snail mail. That's what we call a functional collector's edition.

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