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Karos Online opens signup for closed EU beta

Lesley Smith

NHN have announced the start of signups for the closed European beta of their fantasy game Karos Online. While the beta is due to start later this month, the company has already opened a forum to enable discussion about the game.

Set in the world of Asmara, the player takes the role of a hero who trying to become the legendary Karos warrior. Anyone interested in signing up, should head over to the official site.

The closed beta will also see NHN announce more detailed information about the game, specifically its dual dungeon system. One is an 'event dungeon' which is limited to five players and sees the dungeon itself adapt to decisions made in combat. The second is a 'maze dungeon' which allow unlimited parties but is far from static. NHN says that the walls will move and shift round, disorientating players as they move further into the dungeon. As players level, these dungeons will become progressively more complex and include boss fights. The English version is due to be launched in Autumn 2009 with German and Turkish versions to follow.

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