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Motorola's r765IS now available at Sprint, perfect for making Navy SEALs swoon with envy

Tim Stevens

You can take your frilly iPhones and pretty Pres and shove 'em, because Motorola's latest and, perhaps, beefiest handset is finally available at Sprint stores. The r765IS, announced back in April, is Mil Spec 810F rated, so no worries about dropping it -- even into a bucket of salt water -- and that IS on the end means "intrinsically safe," so dial away even if you should happen to be standing in a room full of explosive gas, as we've been known to do from time to time. It also supports rather less exciting Nextel Direct Connect, NextMail to send voicemail as e-mail attachments, GPS navigation, and a variety of emergency calling modes for cutting through the bla bla bla. It's a little less slinky looking than some other Motorola handsets we've seen lately, but we'd clip one to our belts before heading to our next waypoint/coffee shop -- if only we had the requisite funding. A price of just under $2,000 ensures this will only be found in the mitts of the most well equipped mercenaries.

[Thanks, Brian]

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