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The revolution has been televised: Survey reports 53% of U.S. homes with HDTV


Congratulations HDTV owners, you are now in the majority, at least according to the results of the latest Pulse report from Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing. That's a sharp rise over previous stats (33% in February / 23% in November '08 from Nielsen, 34% last fall from Leichtman Research Group) but not totally out of line, given the post DTV switch era we find ourselves in. While that number may still seem a bit high just based on our own anecdotal evidence, a quick look at the purpose of the group and its members bodes well for high definition fans, hopefully the cable companies and channels that make up much of its base take heed to these numbers and ramp up the HD expansion -- we'll keep dreaming the impossible dream of dialed back QAM compression and HD only channel packages.

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