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WoW Moviewatch: Never Stay Tuned 4


Note: Not everything in this video is safe for work.

Olibith's Never Stay Tuned series is more than just a collection of videos. The original series has come to be an institution, filled with fun, glory, and legend! Olibith has created the finest collection of parody and culture references in the machinima world. He's now back with the last installment Never Stay Tuned 4.

The guest list featured in Never Stay Tuned 4 is a wonderful nod to the work Olibith has done. You'll see work by Baron Soosdon, Ian Beckman, the AFK pl@yers, Pinkhair, and Goldskin. Each has brought unique aspect to the work, and the vast collaboration has created something epic. You'll probably recognize the unique styles, but there's an itemized credit at the end.

Never Stay Tuned 4 was as hilarious as the first ones in the series. Now, if you didn't like those previous videos, then chances are that the fourth installment won't radically change your mind. There's quite a few jokes and gags in the video that are a little rough or tawdry, and a few spots of nudity and violence, which will also affect your opinion.

The entire video is incredibly well done, with absolutely amazing graphic work. Go to the effort to check it out, but take your time do so: the video clocks in over 18 minutes.

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