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Atlona AT-HD530 Down-Converter, for those who walked uphill to school, both ways

Steven Kim

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From the "three steps forward, two steps back" category comes Atlona's AT-HD530 Down-Converter. Send in a signal on one of those newfangled HDMI or DVI connections, and through the magic of fuzz-inducing signal-smashing you'll be able to grab output as either S-Video or composite. That's right, for just $299 you can kneecap your new gear and drag it back into the 80s. Obviously this is aimed at custom installers with clients demanding that their old and new gear play together, but with S-Video falling by the wayside on many new AVRs, it might gain a few more users. The custom installers get a pass, but for everyone else we'd suggest that your need for a AT-HD530 is a sign that it's time to upgrade.

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