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GameStop pre-order ad reveals pair of BioShock 2 multiplayer characters


After 2K showed us some of the customization options available in BioShock 2's multiplayer for the single character thus far revealed (Jacob Norris), we were left in the dark as to how many to expect in the finished game. While we're not much closer to knowing that now, GameStop has reportedly revealed two more characters in "Zigo the Fisherman" and "Blanche the Actress," available "exclusively" through pre-order of the game via in-store ads.

Koku Gamer spotted the images on the 2K's BioShock 2 forum, where astute forumgoers point out that the images of the two characters look a lot like recently released BioShock 2 Mulitplayer Gamerpics #2 content on Xbox Live. As the game's release has been pushed back to the "first half" of 2010, we're waiting to hear more before running out to the store and dropping five Earth dollars, thank you very much.

[Thanks, Admir!]

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