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Madden 10 DLC lets you buy injury healing, retirement prevention, 'Elite Status,' more


To say EA has been going overboard with DLC would be an understatement. The upcoming Madden 10 continues EA's attempt at pinching even more out of your virtual wallet for cheats and game enhancements. Here's but a very small sample of the premium packs you'll be charged for:
  • Super Superstar - Downloading this will enable your Superstar to get maximum progression for the length of his career.
  • Pick A Superstar - Downloading this will allow you to pick any NFL player to start Superstar mode with.
  • Dig Deep - For one play, your players respond to the challenges of the moment. All players receive a 10% boost to all stats.
  • Game Day Instincts - For one game, your coaching staff is in the zone. All players receive a 5% boost to all stats; can be used once per year, per franchise.
  • PK Scout - Download this to use a special scout who will reveal all true stats for Punter and Kicker prospects in the upcoming offseason. This is usable in Franchise only.
  • Play Through the Pain - Using this allows for one player to recover from any injury no matter what the severity; usable once per season, per franchise.
  • Not Done Yet - Downloading this allows you to keep one player out of retirement for one more year; usable once per season, per franchise. This is used in Franchise Mode only.
In addition to these game modifiers, players can purchase "Elite Status" through the game's multiplayer lobby. What does it do? It'll give you access to "exclusive VIP lobbies, leaderboards" and will grant you access to "the all new Elite Gametype" which features "All-Madden difficulty level and is tuned exclusively for the hardcore." Wait, what? EA, you're seriously charging money for a new difficulty mode? (IGN reports that it'll be $5.) Those looking for the ultimate Madden experience will have to prepare for sticker shock when the game ships next week.

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