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PAX 2009 Omegathon events and contenders revealed

At last, the terror-inducing gauntlet of games that participants in this year's Omegathon must navigate has been revealed by a recent press release. Listed below are the six rounds that will serve as the unforgiving battlegrounds for twenty contestants (who are named after the break) -- we can't wait to see how tournament-style Bookworm Adventures will play out.

Blood will be shed, boys will become men, girls will likewise become women -- and only one will triumph with tickets to this year's Tokyo Game Show (and $5,000 in walkin' around money) clutched in their victorious paw.

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Omegathon 2009 Participants

  • Darin Blanchard
  • Noah Callaway
  • Matt Carmack
  • Thaddaeus Engelmann
  • Jackson Foster
  • Alejandra Garcia
  • Grace Hoang
  • Mary Jacobson
  • Rachel Kraft
  • Ken Lindas
  • David Medwid
  • Daniel Merritt
  • Eric Moran
  • Sean Morris
  • Mark Petcavage
  • Alexander Rakoczy
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Neal Torres
  • Hans Wuerflein
  • Isha Zubeidi

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