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Media bigwigs declare that free TV "is broken"

Ben Drawbaugh

Welcome to the party friends! Not sure why it took you so long to realize that DVRs were going to break your model, but we're glad you finally made it. Both News Corp. COO Chase Carey and NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker have recently voiced their concerns about broadcast TV as we know it. The good news boys is that now that you have your head out of the sand, you can start looking at new ways to use technology to reach your real customers -- as opposed to selling content via a middle man. We don't see broadcast TV going away though, in fact we think we will actually see more live events make their way back to broadcast TV -- since live events are relatively DVR proof -- while at the same time, scripted content will find a new home. So do us a favor and start offering subscriptions directly to us and we'll help turn the cable companies into bit providers before they know what hit 'em.

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