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2K Boston's next big thing is a shooter

Justin McElroy

"Yeah, that and 90 percent of the other games released every year," you retort.

Okay, we hear you, and trust us, we get it. It's not exactly earth-shattering that a 2K Boston job listing indicates that the follow-up to the studio's big-hit shooter BioShock would be another shooter. But do you remember the part where 2K Boston made BioShock? Yeah, you better believe we're going to tell you everything we learn about it until we have it in our trembling, grateful hands. (Speaking of which, it's also hiring a multiplayer level designer, for your info.)

Besides, we weren't positive it was going to be another shooter. It could have been another Freedom Force game, for all we knew. Actually, 2K Boston ... could you go ahead and make that too, while you're at it?

[Via Gamespot]

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