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French retailer claims PS3 Slim is real, will be €100 cheaper


French media site JVN contacted an anonymous retailer, revealing supposed details of the most-likely-real PS3 Slim. According to the source, the PS3 Slim is very real, and is planned to launch in Europe next month for €300, a discount of €100 over the current Phat model. The source then says the console may be officially announced at Gamescom, taking place a little over a week from now.

While the authenticity of the source's information can't be verified, it seems increasingly likely that the PS3 Slim is real. Considering Gamescom is the European equivalent of E3, we're certain Sony will be making some kind of big announcement -- but will it be a price-reduced PS3 Slim? Stay tuned for more.

[Thanks, Dan!]

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