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Impressions: Civilization Revolution on iPhone


2K Games' Civilization Revolution is ready to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate on iPhone/iPod Touch, having sneaked its way onto the App Store today. The full version is a bargain at $5 and comes with the standard game, along with a little under a dozen scenarios.

We had an opportunity to spend a fair amount of time with the game prior to release. Developed by 2K Games China and overseen by Firaxis, the iPhone version is a faithful translation of the Civ Rev experience that works intuitively on the platform's touch screen. Anyone that's played the game on another platform will instantly know what's going on and ease right into the experience.

Civ Rev on the iPhone is certainly as addictive as it is on other systems, but not without some issues. First, and most likely to be fixed, is that the version we played had awkward sound spikes. The volume would be fine one second, get really loud and then go back to normal. It's not so bad when you're at home, but definitely not good on a train or with earphones on. The other thing is that the art style appears to be an evolution from the DS version of the game, which wasn't exactly the nicest thing to look at. The iPhone likely has the power to bring a little more pretty than what's seen in the game. It's like an actor wearing Old Navy to a Hollywood premiere; sure, they look good, but you know they could have done better.

Civ Rev on the iPhone/iPod Touch brings the epic experience to those looking for a 4x strategy title on their Apple handheld. It may not be all it could have been on the eyes, but it definitely pokes the organ it's supposed to properly -- your brain.

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