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International HD news roundup


Here at Engadget HD, we'd prefer not to just focus on high-def happenings in the US of A. Thus, we round up the best of the best from the international front each week and present it here, bundled together in a single, easy to digest list. If something went down in your corner of the globe over the past seven days, let the rest of the world know it in comments. 'Til next week, Doei!

Read - Discovery Upgrades Miami Facility For HD
Read - ESPN secures more football TV rights
Read - Virgin Media and ESPN Announce Channel Deal Ahead of Premier League Football Season
Read - Virgin Media and Channel 4 Bring 4HD to Millions of TV Screens
Read - Abu Dhabi Media Company to launch high-definition television channel in October
Read - BSkyB profits as high definition TV attracts new customers
Read - Govt clears DD's Rs 1.65 bn HDTV programme (India)
Read - Chorus Launches High Definition Digital TV service in Ireland
Read - Freeview claims 50% of viewers will be able to receive high-definition channel in time for football tournament
Read - ITV bringing ITV1 HD to Freeview
Read - Astra offers HD+ to existing HD households

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