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Job listing claims Next Mortal Kombat will 'revolutionize online play'


The pieces of the puzzle that is the next Mortal Kombat continue to come together. WB Games Chicago (formerly Midway's Chicago studio, a.k.a. the MK team) has put out a help wanted sign for programmers looking to "revolutionize online play" with the series' next installment.

The posting mentions that WB is "looking to position Mortal Kombat as the 'gold standard' for network play," and that whoever lands the job will "push the boundaries of what is possible with online interaction," including "brand-new features that will revolutionize online play." Pretty big words. We're not exactly sure how WB will go about turning the online fighting game experience on its ear, but we'd love to hear your ideas in comments.

[Via TRMK]

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