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Preparing for BlizzCon: What to pack in your backpack


BlizzCon approaches! Preparing for BlizzCon is your regular source for tips on how best to prepare for Blizzard's gaming extravaganza. These helpful hints are particularly suited for convention rookies. But if you are a con veteran, we'd love to hear your advice and wisdom in the comments as well.

Backpack, messenger bag, extra large purse -- whatever you are toting into the Anaheim Convention Center should be filled with a few basic things in order to get the most from BlizzCon. The catch is that it cannot be any bigger than 10"x20" and it cannot contain any of the following:
  • Desktop computers, laptops, electronic storage devices (unless you have a press pass)
  • Glass bottles, cans, large containers (this limits some of your food options should you choose to carry-in)
  • Alcohol (leave your cool flask or teeny airplane booze bottles in your hotel room)
  • Weapons and fireworks (Captain Obvious is making giggle noises.)
Join us after the break for what you can and should stuff in your BlizzCon-bag.

  • Phone, media player, camera, video camera or all-in-one device. While you cannot take videos of gameplay (except for the tournaments) or the concert, you can video anything else. I highly recommend a camera phone of some kind to save space and weight.
  • Earplugs. Ozzy will be there, which should be reason enough. The great thing about earplugs is that you can still hear the music, but you won't get any hearing damage. Though, you will probably still be able to hear these guys, unfortunately.
  • Stuff to sign. Books, comics, your game box. There will be many developers and other Blizzard-related luminaries there available for autographs. Be prepared, if you are into that kind of thing.
  • Mini cards. You will definitely want to have some form of ready-made contact info available. I love mine and can't wait to foist them on my unsuspecting "fans." I ask only that you be polite when accepting them and try to hide it when you throw them away.
  • Bottle of water. You'll get thirsty. Stuff is expensive at the convention center and you won't want to leave whatever line or seat you're in.
  • Snacks. See "Bottle of water." Substitute "peckish" for "thirsty."
  • Knitting. Ok, maybe I'll be the only one. You could bring a DS or something else to do while waiting for things.
What did I miss? We still have time to expand the list before BlizzCon, even though it's next week. (I love saying that.)

BlizzCon 2009 is coming up on August 21st and 22nd! We've got all the latest news and information. At BlizzCon, you can play the latest games, meet your guildmates, and ask the developers your questions. Plus, there are some great looking costumes.

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